TEDxUNC is an independently organized TED event held annually at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since its inception, TEDxUNC has been a venue for artists, inventors, explorers, and story-tellers to come together and embrace the mission of TED - sharing “Ideas worth spreading”.
The 2019 theme for the conference is "Flow"
My talk follows the story of my life in Venezuela and how that has inspired me to use the media as an outlet for change. I explain what elements make a story leave an impact, and how that can be applied to change the conversation around immigration. 

Can you tell what I was drawing?

Thank you to the TEDxUNC committee for hosting an amazing dinner at TOPO! Lots of friends made, lots of intriguing perspectives shared.
Dress rehearsal! T-minus 12 hours until the conference started and I still didn't have my talk fully memorized... oh boy.
The classic red rug.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
During the intermissions, the TEDx committee organized different breakout activities for audience members to participate in and interact with each other and the speakers.
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