850 college students. 30,000 children. One moment of magic. 
In December of 2014, Kylee McGrane realized there weren’t any organizations spreading a little magic to children in the hospital. With the help of her roommate, Maggie McAndrew, McGrane started The Princess Project. After a few fundraisers and crowd sourcing, the pair was soon able to buy their first set of princess costumes. Pretty soon they were going all around New York bringing magic and cheer into the rooms of hospitals. 
When a video of one of their visits went viral, hundreds of college students around the country wanted to join the team and spread magic in their own cities. That’s when The Princess Project transformed into what it’s known as now: A Moment of Magic Foundation. As of 2018, there are over 850 members all around the country hosting their own chapter of the foundation at their home college. The program even extends past hospitals now to include community events for not just medical patients, but also socially vulnerable children.
In 2017, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill established its own chapter of A Moment of Magic. With over 30 Tar Heels participating, Chapel Hill and nearby towns are looking a little more magical. 
Creating A Moment of Magic is a multimedia story featuring Campbell Kargo, a member at UNC’s chapter of AMOM. She shares her personal experience with the program and how it’s impacted her own life.
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